Achtung: Suche Aufträge für neue Trompetenstücke!
  • Eddie C. Bass
  • Professor Emeritus of Theory/Composition
  • School of Music UNC Greensboro

„Paul Neebe is a complete trumpet player; he’s got great chops, but also a keen ear, a beautiful tone, and excellent musical taste. I’m enjoying writing a piece that will make use of all of his abilities.“

  • Richard Cioffari
  • Professor Emeritus of Performance Studies
  • College of Musical Arts, Bowling Green State University, Ohio

”I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to write Concerto Iberico for Paul Neebe. What a pleasure it has been to see my work come to life in the hands of such a highly skilled artist! He brings to the Concerto everything I had hoped for.”

  • Richard Cioffari
  • 5715 Haddington Dr.
  • Dublin, OH 43017
  • 614-761-8599
  • Edward Green
  • Professor of Composition-Jazz Division
  • Manhattan School of Music, New York

„Paul Neebe’s performances of my Concerto in C, both live and on his new CD, are a continuing joy to me! Not only does he play with a clear command of every aspect of his instrument, and with a beautiful tone and a great range of expressive nuance, he also plays with deep musical insight and intelligence. Any composer who writes for Paul is fortunate, indeed.“

  • 208 East Broadway, J 1007
  • New York, N.Y. 1002
  • 212-529-7745
  • Roger Petrich
  • Organist/Choirmaster
  • St. Thomas More Catholic Church, Chapel Hill, NC

„Writing for Paul is a delight. His technical mastery is displayed in singing lyricism, sparkling brilliance, and flawless tone. He is a virtuoso of the first rank.“

  • Walter Ross
  • Professor Emeritus in Composition
  • University of Virginia

„What I admire above all in Paul Neebe’s performance is his purity of tone and consummate musicianship.“

  • Walter Ross
  • 527 Woodchuck Lane
  • Charlottesville, Va. 22902
  • 434-293-9617