Solo Concerts


Solo Concertos with a live Orchestra really highlights the trumpet. The trumpet can soar over the Orchestra with its powerful sound and also blend in the subtle quiet moments.

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Recitals (Solo or Chamber)


Recitals are a good way to reach the audience in an intimate setting. Opportunities for a wide varied repertoire, allow for exciting and interesting performances.

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Master classes are a great way to deliver a lot of information to many people efficiently. Concepts are the same as in lessons, but are broader based to benefit all who attend.



Teaching is extremely rewarding. I help students reach their professional and musical goals. Successes include, publishing, University and High School teaching, various musical tours, Rock Bands, Professional Orchestras and Chamber Music.



From religious holidays to graduation ceremonies, there is always a reason to celebrate. Trumpet adds extra pomp and circumstance to these occasions.



Weddings are a happy occasion for everyone and always fun. I have married multiple siblings in some families. Looking forward to playing my first gay wedding.

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